Title Reference
The Dark Energy Camera Plane Survey 2 (DECaPS2): More Sky, Less Bias, and Better Uncertainties Saydjari et al. (2022)
The DECam Plane Survey: Optical photometry of two billion objects in the southern Galactic plane Schlafly et al. (2017)
Title Reference
Photometry on Structured Backgrounds: Local Pixelwise Infilling by Regression Saydjari and Finkbeiner (2022)
crowdsource v2 Pipeline Paper Saydjari and Schlafly (in prep)
Code Description
crowdsource Photometric pipeline for crowded field photometry that simulatenously fits the positions and fluxes of all sources in the image. The pipeline using a smooth background model, estimates a variable PSF across a given CCD image, and uses a CNN to detect and change behavior in the presence of nebulosity. In the newest version used for DECaPS2, an synthetic source injection module was added. crowdsource
CloudCovErr.jl Postprocessing code using residuals and PSF models from a photometric pipeline to correct the flux and flux uncertainties of reported sources resulting from unmodeled correlations in the backgrond. At a high level, CloudCovErr.jl is interpolating the background behind the source using a method similar to Gaussian process regression. CloudCovErr.jl