Data Model: ooi

General Description
The ooi files contain exposure level images from the telescope after reduction by the NOIRLab Community Pipeline. For each file, an extension is present for each CCD present in the exposure. For most exposures, this is 62. Only S29 is shown in the data model for clarity.
Naming Convention
c4d_[0-9]{6}_[0-9]{6}_ooi_[grizY]_v1\.fits\.fz, where the numeric label corresponds to a rough exposure date-time, "ooi" indicates this is an image file, the band observed is indicated (grizY), and a version number for the NOIRLab community pipeline which performs image preprocessing is appended. This naming convention follows the convention set by NOIRLab.
Approximate Size
308 MB
File Type


Exposure level header containing meta information about the telescope, pointing, etc. For more details, see the NOIRLab (formerly NOAO) documentation.

Header Table
DATE2019-05-11T14:28:10Date FITS file was generated
IRAF-TLM2019-05-11T14:29:42Time of last modification
ORIGINNOAO-IRAF FITS Image Kernel July 2003FITS file originator
OBJECTDECaPS_cal_end_7.9_m43_zName of the object observed
PROCTYPEInstCalData processing level
PRODTYPEimageData product type
PIXSCAL10.27[arcsec/pixel] Pixel scale, axis 1
PIXSCAL20.27[arcsec/pixel] Pixel scale, axis 2
OBS-LONG70.81489[deg] Observatory east longitude
TELESCOPCTIO 4.0-m telescopeTelescope name
OBSERVATCTIOObservatory name
OBS-LAT-30.16606[deg] Observatory latitude
OBS-ELEV2215.0[m] Observatory elevation
INSTRUMEDECamInstrument used to obtain these data
EXPREQ30.0[s] Requested exposure duration
EXPTIME30.0[s] Exposure duration
EXPDUR30.0[s] Exposure duration
DARKTIME31.1343801[s] Dark time
OBSIDct4m20190503t101849Unique Observation ID
DATE-OBS2019-05-03T10:18:49.601294DateTime of observation start (UTC)
TIME-OBS10:18:49.601294Time of observation start (UTC)
MJD-OBS58606.42974076MJD of observation start
MJD-END58606.430087982Exposure end
OPENSHUT2019-05-03T10:18:49.650100Time when shutter opened (UTC)
EXPNUM854595DECam exposure number
OBSTYPEobjectType of observation
CAMSHUTOpenCamera shutter at exposure start
PROGRAMMapping Dust in 3D with DECam: A Galactic Plane SurveyCurrent obs
OBSERVERCatherine ZuckerObserver name(s)
PROPOSERFinkbeinerProposal Principle Investigator
DTPIFinkbeinerProposal Principle Investigator (iSTB)
PROPID2019A-0265Proposal ID
EXCLUDEDDECam components not used for this frame
AOSTrueAOS data available if true
BCAMFalseBCAM data available if true
GUIDER1Guider (0-absent,1-ok,2-lost star,3-los
SKYSTATTrueCloud camera (RASICAM) available if true
FILTERz DECam SDSS c0004 9260.0 1520.0Unique filter identifier
FILTPOScassette_1Filter position in FCM
INSTANCEDECam_20190502SISPI instance name
ERRORSNoneSISPI readout errors
TELEQUIN2000.0Equinox of telescope coordinates
TELSTATTrackTelescope tracking status
RA0:31:36.82[h] RA exposure center
DEC-42:59:49.6[deg] DEC exposure center
CENTRA7.9034[deg] RA exposure center
CENTDEC-42.99712[deg] DEC exposure center
CORN1RA6.42142246[deg] RA exposure corner
CORN1DEC-43.975564[deg] DEC exposure corner
CORN2RA9.38481787[deg] RA exposure corner
CORN2DEC-43.975564[deg] DEC exposure corner
CORN3RA6.42142246[deg] RA exposure corner
CORN3DEC-42.016579[deg] DEC exposure corner
CORN4RA9.38481787[deg] RA exposure corner
CORN4DEC-42.016579[deg] DEC exposure corner
TELRA00:31:35.911[HH:MM:SS] Telescope RA
TELDEC-42:59:58.394[DD:MM:SS] Telescope DEC
HA-04:13:08.040[HH:MM:SS] Telescope hour angle
ZD51.21[deg] Telescope zenith distance
AZ122.8812[deg] Telescope azimuth angle
DOMEAZ121.493[deg] Dome azimuth angle
ZPDELRA2.4115[arcsec] Telescope zeropoint adjustment (RA)
ZPDELDEC-10.1[arcsec] Telescope zeropoint adjustment (DEC)
TELFOCUS-3399.87,74.09,2152.04,-68.10,-304.75, 0.00DECam hexapod settings
VSUBTrueTrue if CCD substrate voltage is on
GSKYPHOTTrueRASICAM global sky clear flag
LSKYPHOTFalseRASICAM local sky clear flag
WINDSPD30.578[m/s] Wind speed
WINDDIR37.0[deg] Wind direction (from North)
HUMIDITY22.0[%] Ambient relative humidity (outside)
PRESSURE777.0[Torr] Barometric pressure (outside)
DIMMSEENaN[arcsec] DIMM Seeing
DIMM2SEE0.705[arcsec] DIMM2 Seeing
ASTIG10.034MAPS correction 1
ASTIG20.054MAPS correction 2
OUTTEMP14.1[deg C] Outside temperature
GSKYVAR0.032RASICAM global sky standard deviation
GSKYHOT0.057RASICAM global sky fraction above threshold
LSKYVARNaNRASICAM local sky standard deviation
LSKYHOTNaNRASICAM local sky fraction above threshold
LSKYPOWNaNRASICAM local sky normalized power
MSURTEMP14.313[deg C] Mirror surface average temperature
MAIRTEMP14.2[deg C] Mirror temperature above surface
UPTRTEMP14.27[deg C] Upper truss average temperature
LWTRTEMPNaN[deg C] Lower truss average temperature
PMOSTEMP13.7[deg C] Mirror top surface temperature
UTN-TEMP14.445[deg C] Upper truss temperature north
UTS-TEMP14.185[deg C] Upper truss temperature south
UTW-TEMP14.175[deg C] Upper truss temperature west
UTE-TEMP14.275[deg C] Upper truss temperature east
PMN-TEMP14.2[deg C] Mirror north edge temperature
PMS-TEMP14.2[deg C] Mirror south edge temperature
PMW-TEMP14.5[deg C] Mirror west edge temperature
PME-TEMP14.35[deg C] Mirror east edge temperature
DOMELOW14.775[deg C] Low dome temperature
DOMEHIGH0.0[deg C] High dome temperature
DOMEFLOR10.7[deg C] Dome floor temperature
G-MEANX-0.0303[arcsec] Guider x-axis mean offset
G-MEANY0.0334[arcsec] Guider y-axis mean offset
DONUTFS4[1.60,1.56,-9.17,-0.05,0.02,0.05,0.02,-0.02,-0.68,]Mean Wavefront
DONUTFS3[-0.58,2.23,8.85,-0.09,-0.38,0.04,0.17,0.06,-0.41,]Mean Wavefront
DONUTFS2[1.29,0.65,-8.59,0.15,-0.02,-0.13,0.21,0.35,-0.06,]Mean Wavefront
DONUTFS1[0.68,2.04,8.92,0.26,-0.04,0.01,0.07,0.20,0.10,]Mean Wavefront fo
G-FLXVAR581670965.549[arcsec] Guider mean guide star flux variances
G-MEANXY-0.000884[arcsec2] Guider (xy) 2nd moment mean offset
DONUTFN1[4.00,0.15,-8.67,0.05,-0.15,-0.22,-0.33,0.27,-0.17,]Mean Wavefron
DONUTFN2[2.66,0.63,8.83,-0.55,-0.22,-0.13,-0.17,0.09,-0.08,]Mean Wavefron
DONUTFN3[1.25,0.29,-8.60,0.13,-0.05,-0.03,-0.33,0.06,0.31,]Mean Wavefront
DONUTFN4[]Mean Wavefront for Sensor FN4
G-FEEDBK10, 5[%] Guider feedback (HA, dec)
G-CCDNUM3Number of guide CCDs that remained active
DOXT0.12[arcsec] X-theta from donut analysis
G-MAXX0.0604[arcsec] Guider x-axis maximum offset
FADZ-6.94[um] FA Delta focus.
FADY-50.07[um] FA Delta Y.
FADX-106.74[um] FA Delta X.
G-MODEautoGuider operation mode
FAYT19.13[arcsec] FA Delta Y-theta.
DODZ-6.94[um] Delta-Z from donut analysis
DODY-1.56[um] Y-decenter from donut analysis
DODX-1.08[um] X-decenter from donut analysis
MULTIEXPFalseFrame contains multiple exposures if true
SKYUPDAT2019-05-03T10:18:21Time of last RASICAM exposure (UTC)
G-SEEING1.663[arcsec] Guider average seeing
G-TRANSP1.028Guider average sky transparency
G-MEANY20.018488[arcsec2] Guider (y) 2nd moment mean offset
DOYT0.01[arcsec] Y-theta from donut analysis
G-LATENC0.746[s] Guider avg. latency between exposures
LUTVERnot availableHexapod Lookup Table version
FAXT-5.7[arcsec] FA Delta X-theta.
G-MAXY0.2577[arcsec] Guider y-axis maximum offset
G-MEANX20.00341[arcsec2] Guider (x) 2nd moment mean offset
SISPIVERtrunkSISPI software version
CONSTVERDECAM:70SISPI constants version
HDRVER13DECam fits header version
DETSIZE[1:29400,1:29050]Detector size
CCDSEC[1:2048,1:4096]CCD section to display
CCDBIN11Pixel binning, axis 1
CCDBIN21Pixel binning, axis 2
DHEINFMNSN fermi hardwareDHE Hardware
DHEFIRMdemo30DHE Firmware
RADESYSFK5World coordinate reference frame
EQUINOX2000.0Mean equinox
VALIDATrueData from amp A is valid
VALIDBTrueData from amp B is valid
NDONUTS0AOS number of donuts analyzed for this CCD
PHOTFLAG0Night Photometric (1) or not (0)
XTALKFILxtalk_20130606.txtCrosstalk file
LINCFILlinearity_table_v0.4.fitsNonlinearity correction file
RADECSYSICRSAstrometric system
SCAMPFLG0WCS successful
PHOTREFGaiaPhotometric ref. catalog
MAGZERO29.261[mag] Magnitude zero point
MAGZPT25.568[mag] Magnitude zero point per sec
NPHTMTCH4752Number of phot. stars matched
RADIUS1.98[pix] Average radius of stars
RADSTD0.064[pix] Standard deviation of star radii
WCSCALSuccessfulAstrometric calibration
CHECKSUMNFbhOCaeNCaeNCaeHDU checksum updated 2019-05-13T09:40:58
DATASUM0data unit checksum updated 2019-05-13T09:40:58

HDU1: S29

Image from the CCD specified by the HDU name. Header contains CCD level information from the telescope.

HDU Type
HDU Size
5 MB
Header Table
XTENSIONIMAGEImage extension
BITPIX-32Bits per pixel
NAXIS2Number of axes
NAXIS12046Axis length
NAXIS24094Axis length
ORIGINNOAO-IRAF FITS Image Kernel July 2003FITS file originator
EXTNAMES29Extension name
IRAF-TLM2019-05-11T14:28:43Time of last modification
INHERITTrueInherits global header
DATE2019-05-11T14:28:11Date FITS file was generated
WCSAXES2WCS Dimensionality
DETSEC[2053:4092,8197:12284]Location of this CCD on Focal Plane
DETECTORS3-06_123195-15-3Detector Identifier
DETPOSS29detector position ID
RDNOISEA6.13928[electrons] Read noise for amp A
RDNOISEB5.981542[electrons] Read noise for amp B
CRPIX113422.2Reference pixel on this axis
CRPIX26306.33300000001Reference pixel on this axis
FPADECAM_BKP3DECam focal plane name
SLOT00MCB 12 5.210000Monsoon module
SLOT01DESCB 11 4.010000Monsoon module
SLOT02DESCB 12 4.010000Monsoon module
SLOT03CCD12 29 4.080000Monsoon module
SLOT04CCD12 15 4.080000Monsoon module
SLOT05CCD12 28 4.080000Monsoon module
PV1_70.0001292520097439Projection distortion parameter
CUNIT1degAxis unit
PV2_8-0.01085639046593Projection distortion parameter
PV2_90.006447478695312Projection distortion parameter
CD1_1-7.766867380143e-08Linear projection matrix
LTM2_21.0Detector to image transformation
PV2_0-0.005848037699301Projection distortion parameter
PV2_11.022946746661Projection distortion parameter
PV2_2-0.009926166698037Projection distortion parameter
PV2_30.0PV distortion coefficient
PV2_4-0.02553135967431Projection distortion parameter
PV2_50.02040044510938Projection distortion parameter
PV2_6-0.009423524623041Projection distortion parameter
PV2_70.009366132237292Projection distortion parameter
LTM1_11.0Detector to image transformation
PV1_60.01074157116056Projection distortion parameter
PV2_10-0.002902607846633Projection distortion parameter
PV1_40.007991176834842Projection distortion parameter
PV1_30.0PV distortion coefficient
PV1_2-0.01059861680908Projection distortion parameter
PV1_11.015161860327Projection distortion parameter
PV1_00.004272115149321Projection distortion parameter
PV1_90.007785488836336Projection distortion parameter
PV1_8-0.007287409639159Projection distortion parameter
CD1_27.287796087218e-05Linear projection matrix
PV1_5-0.02011733145567Projection distortion parameter
CUNIT2degAxis unit
CD2_1-7.285298680801e-05Linear projection matrix
CD2_2-7.648659023565e-08Linear projection matrix
LTV2-1.0Detector to image transformation
LTV1-1.0Detector to image transformation
PV1_10-0.003686927828818Projection distortion parameter
CTYPE2DEC--TPVWCS projection type for this axis
CTYPE1RA---TPVWCS projection type for this axis
CRVAL17.903400172397World coordinate on this axis
CRVAL2-42.9971203582World coordinate on this axis
DESDCXTKThu May 9 18:26:50 2019DECam image conversion and crosstalk corr
DESOSCNThu May 9 18:26:50 2019overscan corrected
BIASFILDEC19A_DF20190429_947d20b-58605Z_01.fitsBias correction file
DESBIASThu May 9 19:16:45 2019
DESLINCThu May 9 19:16:46 2019
DESBPMThu May 9 19:16:46 2019Construct mask from BPM
BPMFILDECam_Master_20170101_cd_01.fitsBPM file used to build mask
DESSATThu May 9 19:16:46 2019Flag saturated pixels
NSATPIX177Number of saturated pixels
DESGAINCThu May 9 19:16:46 2019
FLATFILDEC19A_DF20190429_947d20b-58605zF_01.fitsDome flat correction fil
DESFLATThu May 9 19:16:46 2019
STARFILDECam_Master_20130829v3-zI_ci_z_01.fitsStar flat correction file
DESSTARThu May 9 19:16:46 2019
HISTORYThu May 9 19:16:46 2019 Null weights with mask 0x0209
DESBLEEDFri May 10 06:25:47 2019bleed trail masking
NBLEED781Number of bleed trail pixels.
STARMASKFri May 10 06:25:47 2019created bright star mask
HISTORY20b-filz-ccd01z/DEC19A_DF20190429_947d20b-z-190503101849_01.fits omibleed_01.fits
FIXPIXMay 10 6:25 Bad pixel file is
FWHM3.639244Median FWHM in pixels
DESCRMSKFri May 10 06:36:37 2019Run Maskcosmics. Unable to fit sky
WAT1_001wtype=tpv axtype=ra
WAT2_001wtype=tpv axtype=dec
RA10:29:56.70[h] RA CCD center
DEC1-42:05:31.2[deg] DEC CCD center
CENRA17.486235[deg] RA CCD center
CENDEC1-42.09199[deg] DEC CCD center
COR1RA17.285798[deg] RA CCD corner
COR1DEC1-42.01658[deg] DEC CCD corner
COR2RA17.283903[deg] RA CCD corner
COR2DEC1-42.16563[deg] DEC CCD corner
COR3RA17.688198[deg] RA CCD corner
COR3DEC1-42.01815[deg] DEC CCD corner
COR4RA17.687359[deg] RA CCD corner
COR4DEC1-42.16707[deg] DEC CCD corner
ARAWGAIN4.34[e/adu] Average raw gain
ZDITHER05130dithering offset when quantizing floats
CHECKSUMDHfOGGZMDGfMDGZMHDU checksum updated 2019-05-11T14:32:09
DATASUM2372134691data unit checksum updated 2019-05-11T14:32:09


An example ooi file is linked here: c4d_190503_101849_ooi_z_v1.fits.fz